ABOUT THE Blogger: 

I'm Justin. I'm a 30-year-old blogger currently residing in Southern California. I've invested a lot of my life into music, movies, and TV. I love watching, listening, reviewing, debating, and discussing. I'd like to consider myself very well-versed in popular culture with a heavy focus on modern hip-hop. Though I may not be the dedicated super-fan as many people are, I simply let this blog be my outlet where I can share my personal opinions about everything and anything that I'm interested in.


Why "Late Calibration"? It's a shout-out to Kanye West's sophomore album, Late Registration. If I am going to call myself a super-fan of someone or something, it's going to be Kanye West (amongst a few select others). He's been the most influential artist for more than half of my life. I chose the replacement word "calibration" because it means to determine, check, or measure the graduation of a thing. In my case, I write reviews (determining, checking, measuring) on many things from music to movies to concerts and festivals. If it piques my interest, I want everyone else to know my opinions about it.

Let's discuss.

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