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Happiness Begins by Jonas Brothers - Music Review

It feels like just yesterday that the young Jonas Brothers made their first appearance on TRL, which then sparked a worldwide craze for teenage girls in every region of the world. What sets the three brothers apart from other "boy bands" that came shortly after them is that they're a legitimate band. They play instruments and write their own lyrics so, yes, it does make them that much better than the rest. Ever since that visit in MTV's studio, the Jonas Brothers have gone on to release four albums and seemed to be on tour non-stop. They eventually disbanded in 2013 to focus on themselves and fans alike were devastated.

Happiness Begins is the Jonas Brothers' ultimate comeback. It's been a decade since their last album and their sound has dramatically changed, but for the better. They were able to successfully combine the sounds of Joe's DNCE with Nick's solo projects to a point where it can be universally enjoyed by everyone. They're not just for tweens anymore! Not only is the album perfect for summer pool parties (their album cover makes sense now), but it's also an obvious dedication to each member's respective wife.

When "Sucker" dropped in the first quarter of 2019, it resonated with me personally. The lyrics were relatable, the melodies were pleasing to the ear, and the chorus was catchy as hell. They followed that up with "Cool", an addictive, 80s-inspired, self-confidence booster in which the line, "When I grow up, I wanna be just like me" really hit in all the right ways. And as it turns out, some of their best work has been inspired by each of their significant others. It took them getting boo'd up to create naturally great content.

The album shines immediately from the beginning and peaks right in the middle with "Love Her", a cute track that was produced by frequent Eminem and 50 Cent collaborator(!?), Mike Elizondo. I can already picture girlfriends and boyfriends bringing up the specific lyric, "No matter the fight, you know she's always right / And that's alright" as an excuse to never be wrong in a loving relationship. Happiness does fizzle out a little bit in the latter half, but in no way are there any "terrible" songs on the album. It amazes me that after all these years, there's finally something JB-related for me to enjoy with my significant other, who just so happens to be the biggest Jonas Brothers stan I have ever met in my life. ★★★½

Key Tracks: "Love Her" | "Sucker" | "Every Single Time"

Review requested by (and dedicated to) Krystle E. of El Monte, CA.


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