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IGOR by Tyler, The Creator - Music Review

Tyler, The Creator made it clear in a tweet that his sixth studio album is not to be compared to any of his past projects. He also said not to expect it to be a rap album or even an album at all. The 28 year old, who is typically known for his recklessness and no-fucks-given mentality , shows a much, much softer side on IGOR. It's its own thing and rightfully so.

It takes over five minutes into IGOR to actually hear a clear verse from Tyler himself, but it's all part of the experience. Tyler takes the listener on an exploration of his mental state, his sexuality, and his relationships all while keeping it one-hundred. It has a proper beginning, middle, and ending. It's all incredibly complex and layered, but it's quite masterful and it's as if Tyler's talent is finally peaking. He's at the top of his game, it just took him a while to get to this point.

IGOR just may be his best album to date. It contains unbelievable production that is very reminiscent of Kanye West. Especially his Graduation/808s/Dark Fantasy eras. You can tell he was inspired and influenced for his sixth effort. In fact, he got West himself to lend his vocals on "PUPPET" and exquisitely interpolated "Stronger" on "I THINK". Seems intimidating to work with the legend, but Okanma saw it as a challenge. A challenge well-executed. The overall sound and tone of IGOR is almost literally out of this world. Maybe it's the heavy use of synths, but all of them are necessary. It's as if there's another version of Earth that exists and the only proof we have from it is this album.

Tyler is finally making himself a strong contender as one of the years best MCs. He's a threat and I think he knows it, but at the end of the day, do you think he really gives a fuck about that? ★★★★

Key Tracks: "I THINK" | "WHAT'S GOOD" | "PUPPET"


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