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SoCal-based Aries Kae is an up-and-coming singer/rapper whose sound resembles her influences, such as Erykah Badu and Stevie Nicks. I also hear hints of Lauryn Hill in there too, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's also another artist that Kae looks up to. Combine that with her other strong influences like the Italian actress, Sophia Loren, and old Hollywood glam and you get one Aries Kae.

What sets Kae apart is not only her deep, rich tone, but she can also spit some solid bars. If you want me to compare her to popular artists of today, I'd say her vibe is reminiscent of Kehlani and Snoh Aalegra. So if your fans of theirs, you're going to want to add Aries Kae to your rotation. She doesn't have a specific formula when crafting her music and claims that she only likes to write when the inspiration strikes. Her writing skills are compelling and you can tell that she puts time, care, and thought into her lyrics.

Like a true aries (duh, she's an aries!), Kae's music matches the energy of her own zodiac sign and it has allowed her to be the artist she wants to be. Someone who's bold. Someone who's confident. Someone known as Aries Kae.

Check out her full interview above and stream "Sunshine" now.

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