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March Music Madness 2019

I know it's the end of March, but brackets are very much still relevant and entertaining to fill out. So, in honor of March Madness and the season of bracketology, I took it upon myself to create three different brackets for three different superstars with extensive catalogs, discographies, and/or hits: Ariana Grande, Drake, and Kanye West.

Bracket-making has been used for everything and anything and no topic seems to be off limits. Within the past few years, there's been an obvious spike in bracket making. Film, TV shows, music, even animals all had their own dedicated brackets that fans could vote on and/or be debated about.

This year's theme is Coachella headliners. Below are the brackets I've come up with, the reasons why I picked these particular artists, and a link to download your own so you and your friends can play. Seeding was taken into serious consideration and I did my best to make sure it was as accurate as I could make them. Apologies in advance if your favorite song from any or all of these artists didn't make the cut. I had to keep a balance of tracks per album.

Ariana Grande

Why Ariana Grande? It's an undeniable fact that she's the biggest pop star on earth right now. Not only has she released the two best albums of her career (so far) within seven months of each other, but she's breaking records left and right. Who better to honor in bracket form than Coachella's youngest headliner to date? (I felt it was more logical to keep her bracket at 34 tracks instead of the usual 64 to make it more compelling.) Headlining year: 2019


Why Drake? This one was actually a suggestion from one of my best friends and it makes a lot sense. Drake is easily one of the most mainstream rappers of this generation. Say what you will, but he knows how to put out hit after hit and I'm pretty sure everyone in the entire world has heard at least one of his songs, but don't quote me on that. Headlining year: 2015

Kanye West

Why Kanye West? The artist that started off my interest in musical bracket making deserves a new bracket each year. This time around, however, it's updated with songs from ye, Kids See Ghosts, and an entire new division dedicated to some of his best features. Not only that, but many opinions about his music changes almost daily for even the most casual Yeezy fans. Headlining year: 2011



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