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The Group Chat Outsider - Ep. 4

The crew takes on Episode Four to focus on Valentine's Day and relationships. Having been in a committed relationship for over five years, it was a little bit difficult to relate to some of their stories, but I tried my best to enter the conversation and offer my take on their topics.


Valentine’s Day

February 14th is just another day for me and my girlfriend. We've been in a relationship for over five years and have been living with each other for almost six, so we have no secrets and we know what each others likes and dislikes are. We don't hate V-Day, but we also don't like that fact that it's one of those consumer holidays that has basically forced us all to use this one day of the year to profess your love for your significant other. Why do it on this one day when we can do it any other day of the year? If anything, our anniversary was much more important and we took a trip to NYC for a weekend back in December. Five years together is something much more vital to celebrate than Valentine's.

We still went out to get some sushi on Valentine's Day, but we know how the game works. We walked into one of our favorite spots at 5:30 PM, when no one was there yet, and got seated right away. We took our damn time, since it was all-you-can-eat, and laughed at the suckers on our way out since they were trying to get a table at prime time and had to wait 90 minutes.

Sure the first year or two, we did something super cheesy and extravagant, but we don't need all that noise now. We know we got love for each other, so what's another day in February? Also, advice to all the guys out there: women love food over flowers. According to my girlfriend, "Flowers will always die, so you might as well buy me something that I can eat, like chocolate." I still buy her flowers, but I make sure it's paired with something sweet, like ice cream or sour straws.

It's most definitely a big day for social media as well. There's no doubting or escaping that. Yeah, it's cute seeing couples gas each other up, but it's cuter when one of them will post about their S.O. on any other day "just because." I'm biased because my girlfriend did that to me a week after V-Day, but I feel like it meant more because it was spontaneous and unplanned.



We will never go through each other's phones unless we ask for permission. It's not like we have anything we're hiding from each other, but it's still an invasion of privacy. A cell phone is still a personal device. You're not gonna grab someone's laptop and start going through it just because it's sitting right there. If you have to go through an S.O.'s phone for whatever reason, then you must not trust that person. Trust is obviously one of the main foundations of any relationship, right next to communication. If you communicate to me that you need to use my phone and give me a real reason, fine. You know my passcode.


Fucking With

Black Panther The Album (Music From and Inspired By) -- On heavy, heavy rotation right now. Read my review here.

Will Smith’s YouTube Channel - The world is a better place now that he's on Instagram, but his YouTube channel is just as good. His videos are obviously edited and shot by a team, but it's done very well and it's cool getting to know such a big star on a personal level.


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